Headlines Of Hilarity – Man Gets $16M Cable Bill

Would you be surprised to hear that his bill amount was not remotely close to the biggest billing mistake?  One man in Texas got a bill 2,000 times the national debt!

Could there be an easier application of CEP (Complex Event Processing) to correct such silly errors?  Some studies suggest that consumers are overbilled consistently in categories ranging from utilities to grocery stores.   Watching for large deviations in current billing against historical norms can provide for easy identification of probable future issues.

And, it’s not just about being over billed. The consequences range from extended customer support calls all the way to national press coverage. You can bet that there were spikes in calls after more people believed they most likely were being overbilled as well.  So, we also end up with lower customer satisfaction and less loyalty.

The problem also goes beyond business-to-consumer relationships.  Check out some of my favorite overbilling headlines:

Time Warner Charges Wright-Patt engineer $16.4 million for cable

CVS to Pay $17.5M to Settle Medicaid Billing Case

Wow! A Quadrillion-Dollar Credit Card Bill

NH man charged 23 quadrillion dollars for smokes

Warhammeer Online ‘billing error’ results in massively multiplayer overchage

A colleague (thanks Mike Pickett!) sent me this one as well:

Billion-dollar phone bill sent to French distillery

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