ROI Tool To Help Make The Business Case For Database Archiving, Application Retirement, Test Data Management, And Data Masking

Though the benefits of containing the size of your databases by archiving seems obvious in terms of saving costs and improving performance,  quantifying those benefits in terms of dollar savings requires more thought.  The same is true when it comes to the costs that can be eliminated by retiring redundant legacy applications.  Some of the savings may come from hard dollar costs such as:

–      Storage

–      Backup devices

–      Maintenance contracts

–      Software licenses

Other cost reductions and improvements, on the other hand, such as:

–      Performance

–      Backup windows

–      Upgrade effort

–      Recovery time

–      Risk of data breach

are soft costs that are harder to quantify.

Regardless of how your organization choose to recognize the benefits and savings from a database archiving, application retirement, test data management, or data masking solution, you will need to make the business case for implementing those solutions.

But never fear, the Informatica Information Lifecycle Management ROI Tool can help you to quantify the benefits and allow you to select which category of benefits you’d like to include in your analysis.  It provides you with a forecast of the estimated cost savings for the next three years, the ROI for the solution based on your investments, and the potential payback period.  All of this is summarized in an automatically generated PowerPoint document that you can take to your management team to present your business case.  To evaluate the dollar benefits for your specific environment, contact Informatica directly.

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