Efficiency Is The Name Of Today’s Game

In my last post I talked about airlines becoming more efficient (or not) and I started thinking about how everything today is about efficiency – not a bad thing when you consider the growth of data volumes we’re seeing everywhere (go to YouTube and search “exponential times” – some interesting videos). Efficiency is necessary for scale, but also efficiency is about better use of resources (think Green).


Cars are becoming more efficient (and powerful at the same time). Devices are becoming more efficient (anyone still lugging around a PDA, a phone and a laptop?). Computers are becoming more efficient (please tell me you’re using virtualization software in your data centers). Networks are becoming more efficient (they are WAY more capable than just 10 years ago).


Informatica Ultra Messaging got its footing in the world of finance and low latency for stock trading. It has become a near de facto standard with over 150 production deployments. You may look at the latency measurements and say “I don’t need to go that fast” (you may not) but that’s a small part of the story. But by focusing on being fast or low latency, the Ultra Messaging team developed the most efficient messaging software around.


As a result Ultra Messaging requires fewer resources for a given task and thus gets the job done without excess infrastructure. Take another look at what DirectEdge was able cut out of their infrastructure costs and reduce their server footprint by 25% – $1M savings!  If you’re part of an event driven organization (pretty much a necessity these days), take a look at your infrastructure costs associated with your messaging technology. Chances are there’s a lot we can help remove while preparing you for future growth. That helps you in a few areas: less hardware, lower operational costs, less to maintain and less space required in your data center. All good things our colleagues in Finance like to see but also a great thing for our planet.



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