Realizing The Cost Savings From Healthcare Reforms With Legacy Application Retirement

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) provided the healthcare industry incentives for the adoption and modernization of point-of-care computing solutions including electronic medical and health records (EMRs/EHRs).   This modernization effort is leaving legacy applications behind, which are no longer of high value, but is costing the organization a lot of money.  These legacy applications are kept around because the data needs to be retained for compliance and accessibility to the data needs to be maintained.  This is a very expensive proposition for most organizations.

Our seven minute recording highlights the concerns facing the healthcare industry as outlined in the Healthcare IT News article about the top 10 trends for 2011 and an effective solution to some of these issues. Another important issue that healthcare providers are faced with is dramatically increased amounts of clinical data to manage, and old applications that are left behind.  At the same time they are faced with the necessity to meet regulatory requirements for data retention and access more cost-effectively.  This is where application retirement solutions can help to realize the significant cost savings from decommissioning old applications, while maintaining accessibility and enforcing retention and disposal requirements.

The cost savings associated with decommissioning and archiving legacy applications is tremendous, typically in the order of millions of dollars per year.  To learn more about:

  • The data management challenges that healthcare organizations need to contend with as they go through IT modernization initiatives
  • How application decommissioning solutions can help eliminate costs
  • The total benefits of application decommissioning
  • The results achieved by healthcare organizations who have deployed application decommissioning solution

Register and attend our next webinar on this topic.   In addition, you can download an IDC Executive Brief on how database archiving and application retirement solutions help realize the benefits of ARRA and healthcare reforms.

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