Putting Master Data In The Hands Of Business Users

As companies increasingly explore master data management (MDM), we often hear inquiries about the usability of master data by business users.

Common questions include: Do business users need to learn and use a separate MDM application? Do they need support from IT to access master data? Can master data fit into the everyday business applications they use for CRM, SFA, ERP, supply chain management, and so forth?

If your organization has ever asked these questions, you should take a look at our new white paper, “Drive Business User Adoption of Master Data.”

This paper examines a new technology called Informatica Data Controls, which enables you to embed MDM functionality directly within the applications that business users access every day—Oracle, Salesforce, Siebel, SAP, and more.

In effect, Data Controls, part of the Informatica MDM product, makes business applications “MDM aware” and puts at the fingertips of business users the timely, reliable data they need to drive business performance. Two particular aspects of Data Controls are 1) hierarchy control and 2) history control.

1) Hierarchy control: From the familiar interface of their preferred applications, business users can work with a 360-degree view of customer data. Example: MDM will present one view of a large B2B customer’s parent company, divisions, subdivisions, subsidiaries, joint ownerships, and so forth, sourced from multiple systems and reconciled into a consistent whole.

2) History control: With Data Controls, business users can view complete lineage and history of master data—again, within their chosen application. This provides visibility into how business data changes over time—e.g., who changed what data when—to better manage the business and support compliance without costly manual reconciliation or IT intervention.

By putting master data in the hands of business users, you increase their role and stake in managing data quality and consistency—from their individual desktops across the extended enterprise. Learn more about Informatica MDM Data Controls in the white paper.

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