I am very honored to have been asked to become a contributing blogger to Informatica Perspectives, and I am looking forward to sharing thoughts about what I like to refer to as “information utility.” The online version of the American Heritage Dictionary defines utility as “The quality or condition of being useful,” and I would like to adapt that definition for my own purposes: establishing information utility is the process of ensuring the quality and usefulness of information.

Luckily, over the past 15 years I have been actively pursuing a number of activities and research areas that fundamental to information utility, ranging from data cleansing, data quality, identity resolution, data integration, master data management, business intelligence, data mining, all the way to data governance. Perhaps you may already be familiar with some of my monthly columns at the Business Intelligence Network, or having read one of my books on Master Data Management or Data Quality. I hope to share my experiences as well as experiences our consulting practice has had with our clients in a way that can help you improve your organization’s information utility.

And I am always looking for feedback – I hope that my entries will inspire readers to share their own thoughts and experiences as well!

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