Informatica Acquires Siperian: One Year Later

It was about one year ago on January 28, 2010, that Informatica announced its acquisition of Siperian, a pure-play multidomain MDM vendor.

What a year it’s been. As a five-year veteran of Siperian/Informatica, it’s been thrilling and gratifying to be a part of the enterprise technology landscape that MDM has become. Part of the reason for this success is simply the proven business value that MDM is delivering to companies across multiple industries with data that is trusted, authoritative, and current. Just consider some of the momentum and highlights we’ve seen over the past year:

Customer and sales growth: Thanks to Informatica’s vast sales force, the number of new MDM customers increased significantly in 2010. Siperian was a successful acquisition for Informatica with MDM contributing a significant portion towards Informatica’s license revenue. Similarly, Siperian benefited from Informatica’s acquisition by cross-selling into existing Informatica customers, which helped reduce the MDM sales cycle by over 40%.

Expansion into new verticals and geos. While maintaining our dominant position in Pharma, we penetrated 9 new verticals, such as retail, which helped increase the number the verticals we address. Given Informatica’s vast presence in healthcare and public sector, we added new customers in these two verticals as well. Also, with Informatica’s global presence, we expanded worldwide, with new customers in EMEA, APAC, and Latin America.

A single enterprise data solution: We knew that Siperian’s MDM solution fit hand-in-glove with Informatica’s data integration and data quality technologies to give organizations a single enterprise data solution. That was a key driver behind the acquisition, and it was borne out over the year as MDM drove incremental revenue for other Informatica products including Informatica Data Quality and data integration products. Further, as has been the case in recent years, most deals were multidomain including customer and product data, proving that business problems don’t constrain themselves to a single domain.

What’s in store for 2011? Stay tuned …

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