Can Services Truly Differentiate a Company? Informatica Believes So!

One of the major corporate objectives that Informatica tracks every quarter is “Improve Customer Satisfaction”.  We look at at variety of metrics – both qualitative and quantitative – relating to how you, our customers, are engaging with us. We evaluate everything from Marketing to our technical support interactions, the critiques from our training courses, the engagement feedback from our professional services and more besides.  All of these are reported regularly to our CEO and the  Board of Directors.

So, we were delighted to receive an accolade recently in regard to our professional service organization.  We were awarded the honor of being “best of the best” in SPI Research’s annual survey.  This is very important to us, since I think it reflects our commitment to you – by focusing on differentiating ourselves by delivering the best possible service at all times.  You can find the press release announcing the award here.

Indeed, a lot has been happening with regard to our service offerings:

We’ve recently expanded our training offerings in the Education Group by adding a complete range of training courses for Master Data Management to complement our existing course offerings on PowerCenter, Data Services, Data Quality, B2B Data Exchange and Cloud.  We are looking to further expand these offerings with courses on Application Retirement and Data Archiving in the early part of this year.  You can find all of these on the newly re-built Education web site (click here).

We are also in the process of expanding our certification offerings.  Today we provide certification in PowerCenter, Data Quality and our Velocity methodology. There was a great article recently on dice.com called “Tech Workers Feel ‘Infinite Loop’ as Wages Remain Flat” that highlighted the need for skills and explicitly called out:

The revival of employment demand for technology professionals started about this time last year in Silicon Valley. Very quickly, companies are facing higher compensation costs, retention troubles, and shortages in certain skill-sets,” said Alice Hill, Managing Director of Dice.com. “This experience provides a roadmap for employers outside of Silicon Valley, because demand is strengthening across the country for tech talent.”

Indeed, the article explicitly called out the demand for skills in the areas of Advanced Business Application Programming, Informatica, Extract Transform and Load, and Service Oriented Architecture.  Clearly Data Integration is in high demand!

Another interesting report came from IDC in which they surveyed end-user corporations on the need for training and found that:

  • 80% think training is critical
  • 74% think projects are more successful
  • 72% believe training positively impacts ROI
  • 68% believe it facilitates enterprise adoption

Customer Support is another area that our customers take very seriously.  We announced some new developments here recently – including the use of social media (like Twitter) in working with you to resolve issues and answer questions.  However, another report, this time from Nucleus Research, assessed our Technical Support Offerings and provided guidance on why customer support is so critical.  According to the analysis, the advantages of investing in Informatica support services include:

  • Freeing up of IT staff to focus on business objectives – IT organizations are able to redeploy internal staff away from the day-to-day operations of applications to focus on more important tasks.
  • Greater IT productivity – Each person’s scope of responsibility becomes more narrowly focused and more is accomplished with the same number of people.
  • Faster time-to-resolution – Internal IT staff spends less time trouble-shooting and data integration problems tend to be fixed faster.
  • Increased cost-effectiveness – For smaller companies with limited IT budgets, relying on Informatica support services is an economical alternative to hiring consultants.
  • Reduced operational risk – By improving application performance and increasing system uptime, Informatica support services reduce both operational risk and the cost of system disruption.

I don’t often get to write a blog about all the work going on within our service offerings.  As you can see, there has been a lot taking place!  Please do share any experiences you have had with any of these groups – we always look forward to your feedback and any ways that we can continue to improve.

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