The Informatica Marketplace Shines At Informatica World 2010

At Informatica World 2010 in Washington, D.C., we had several key announcements for the Informatica Marketplace. There was such a high degree of interest at the event that our booth at the Partner Pavillion was stacked three-deep with people trying to get more information.

Why so much interest? Developers understood the value. They saw the opportunity to be the “hero” in their organization. They saw three key benefits:

1)      Extend their capacity

2)      Solve problems faster

3)      Improve productivity

How did they see the value? They saw the 153 solutions (we call them “Blocks”) already listed on the Informatica Marketplace. They saw solutions to existing problems they have already solved and solutions to new problems they would need to solve – reusability! They identified services organizations that could solve their problems. They also valued the Informatica Seal of Approval as it gives them trust and confidence in the quality of the Blocks being sold.

Several partners also expressed interest in participating in the Informatica Marketplace. They saw other partners, both large and small, already receiving leads and closing business. For example, the contest winner, Analytix Data Services has extended its reach closing business around the globe as well as establishing new partnerships.

I was extremely pleased with our key announcements:

  • First and foremost has been the growth of Blocks on our site. The number of blocks has grown 100% since our launch in June.
  • We introduced the new Informatica Marketplace Search Widget. Now, when anyone searches across any of the Informatica communities, relevant Blocks are displayed in a special box for developers to leverage immediately. The goal is to extend the Widget to all Informatica sites and beyond.
  • Our goal is to continue to be community driven and have our members tell us what Blocks are needed. To that end, we introduced the “Ideas” tab. This tab allows our members to submit and vote on ideas for new Blocks. The Marketplace team is committed to supporting the satisfying of  these needs.
  • Finally, we also introduced our new Informatica Marketplace Malls. We have some contributors on the marketplace that have multiple blocks such as TCS and Informatica Cloud. The malls give them the ability to showcase all their work in one place and give members the ability to easily see the Blocks available from the seller.

We are committed to growing and expanding the Informatica Marketplace. This is the go-to destination for data integration developers to solve their data integration needs. We are community-driven and will make this site better with your input. I encourage you to go to the Ideas tab and tell us what you need and we will work to make it happen.

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