Elevate The Data Masking Conversation – Richard Clarke At Informatica World 2010

Recently at Informatica World, 2010 in Washington, DC, Richard Clark was  a featured speaker during one of the general sessions.  He was the former Counterterrorism Czar, serving multiple presidencies in the White House, working for the Pentagon and the Intelligence Community, and is currently the Chairman of Good Harbor Consulting Services, LLC – a 360° Security Risk Management firm.  There was no one better suited to discuss corporate information security and risk management where the entire theme of the event was Beyond Boundaries.

In the world of data management, the expansion of the global economy and outsourcing to foreign countries, the risk of violating of corporate information security policies and even worse, data theft, is growing at an unprecedented rate.  Organizations, such as Mr. Clark’s, are necessary to highlight a company’s areas of vulnerability and properly communicate the risk to corporate management to instill a sense of urgency.  It is with these opportunities that the data masking conversation takes front stage and is no longer ignored.

One area that is increasingly becoming under scrutiny is data stored in non-production copies of production application databases.  Databases that store personal information or top secret corporate data are mostly at risk when production systems are copied for test and development purposes with the original production data still residing in the copies.  Whether the testing processes are managed internally or outsourced externally, unless the sensitive data is protected in these environments, they are an open book and would fail vulnerability assessments.

If this area touches a nerve in your organization, see what Mr Clark has to say in his key note session.  Also, take a seat in the following related breakout sessions: “Sensitive Data Protection at Morgan Stanley, One Client at a Time” and “EMC Saves Millions by Archiving, Subsetting, and Masking Data” or attend the Birds of a Feather session: “Data Masking & Test Data Management”.

Avoid the risk, take Data Masking seriously.

Julie Lockner, President & Founder, CentricInfo

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