Leveraging the Flexibility of Informatica MDM: An Architecture Deep Dive

Informatica World pre-conference session kicked off on Monday at the Gaylord National Harbor, Washington DC. One of the four sessions was “Leveraging the Flexibility of Informatica MDM – An Architecture Deep Dive”. Dmitri Korablev, VP of MDM Strategy, Ron Matusof, VP of MDM Solution Architecture, and Steve Hoskin, MDM Chief Architect conducted the session. The key objective was to explain the advanced architectural concepts of Informatica MDM relating to security, high performance, high availability, concurrency, and integration.

Dmitri started off quoting Albert Einstein “make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler” as the guiding principle that drove the design of Informatica MDM. He and Ron presented the six-step process to design an MDM solution – defining usage scenarios, selecting solution options, evaluating consumption patterns, defining data model, defining solution architecture, and applying non-functional requirements to the solution. Deeper conversations in each of the steps emphasized the guiding principle – keep MDM solution design simple!

Then they presented the Informatica MDM architecture. Process flows for both multidomain and registry MDM editions highlighted the flexibility of the MDM design. The evolution of the MDM platform as it integrates with the rest of the Informatica, especially PowerCenter and Data Quality, showcased a key Informatica differentiator – unified architecture that enables customers to start small with any product and leverage the investments in that technology and the skills as they build up their solution towards solving further critical business problems.

Steve advocated the design principles for achieving high performance with MDM. He ruled out as myth that one has to compromise low latency for high throughput. Finally, Dmitri concluded with designing MDM for high levels of concurrency and availability. The recent release of Informatica MDM 9.0.1 supports these capabilities. Read about Informatica MDM on the website.

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