Best Practices For A Successful MDM Implementation

Best practices are always a hot topic in master data management (MDM) discussions. We often receive feedback from customers on strategies and tactics that worked for them—and input on lessons learned and missteps to avoid.

A new best practices white paper from an Informatica Elite partner, the global systems integration consultancy Infosys, offers a chance to open a dialogue on the ever-evolving body of MDM implementation best practices. Download this paper for a look at seven key principles, including:

  • Business case development: Getting buy-in for an MDM project
  • Active data governance: Formalizing policies and procedures
  • Continuous collaboration: Engaging business and IT in the process

While we’ve seen MDM improve business performance at hundreds of companies, we have heard of instances when MDM failed to live up to its potential. Often it’s because an organization didn’t follow best practices in its implementation.

For example, a lack of sound governance can turn an MDM system into a one-off mothball or create another data silo (aggravating the very problem it was meant to correct). Or business and IT may clash if expectations and an ROI framework are not established up front, starting with a strong business case.

Take a look at the key principles in the white paper, Best Practices for a Successful Implementation.” It’s a great guide to maximizing the value that MDM can deliver. Have your own best practices or other input to share? Please add your comments below.

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