What Percentage Of Your Transactions Are Processed Straight Through?

The Aite Group recently surveyed senior treasury and receivables management at 80 top US corporations.  About half of the transactions at these firms were processed straight through.  As a result, there remains a lot of opportunity to reduce costs and mitigate risk by increasing straight-through-processing (STP) of transactions.  In addition, banks can help their corporate clients get better information about their payments and posting.  For example, Treasury managers need to know where they can invest excess cash and where their funds are throughout the organizations to borrow internal cash.

At SIBOS 2010 (October 25-29 in Amsterdam), Informatica will discuss how the Informatica SWIFT Integration solution enables your customers to achieve true STP and get better information about their payments. This is especially critical given all the new regulation and industry changes that have been reflected in the latest SWIFT standard.  With Informatica’s 2010 SWIFT certified solution, organizations can:

  • Eliminate 80% of the cost of sending data between incompatible systems and institutions, regardless of syntax or communication platform, with our support for cash management reporting.
  • Ensure compliance and reduce risk by automating the round trip transformation and validation for any type of data from your back-office systems into SWIFT with our new cloud services.
  • Increase transparency for regulatory compliance and counterparty risk so you can better qualify risk and optimize capital reserves by creating golden records for trade or customer information.  As a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Informatica’s Master Data Management solution enables to map a single view of financial instruments and counter parties to complex legal-entity structures, optimize capital reserve allocations for Basel II compliance, and implement monitoring and alerts to prevent uninformed decisions.
  • Significantly increase revenues and accelerate client on boarding with our support for electronic bank account management (eBAM).

How is your organization rebuilding trust while reducing costs and mitigating risk? This and other topics will be discussed at SIBOS 2010. I also encourage you to attend Informatica’s speaker session on Thursday 28 October at 12:15 in Open Theatre 1. The session is entitled “Innovation and competitiveness through adoption of SWIFT and other industry standards”.

If you want to meet us in person for a one-to-one, our Director of Product Marketing Karen Hsu will be there.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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