Top 6 Data Challenges Of Cloud Computing

This week Cloudbook published an article called: Could Data Sprawl in the Cloud Cost You Your Job? It features an overview of Informatica Cloud and includes many best practices for organizations seeking to develop a cloud data integration strategy. Going beyond the traditional CIO challenges (aka the” 5 c’s” – cost, compliance, complexity, competition and credibility), the article outlines the top 6 data challenges of cloud computing. They are:

  1. Ensuring that sensitive data is protected and secure.
  2. Granting your knowledge workers timely, secure access to data.
  3. Keeping data integrated and in sync so business users know they can trust the data to be up to date and accurate.
  4. Offering self-service data integration tools so business users are able to leverage data across applications.
  5. Maintaining IT’s control over data as it moves into service-provider clouds.
  6. Keeping business and IT interests aligned as data (and the control and management of that data) moves beyond the firewall.

You can read and download the complete article here. We’ll be diving into many of these points at Informatica World next week. I hope to see you there!

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