Astonishing Growth In Integration Jobs: Certification Is Key

This article is one of a series on the topic of Knowledge Transfer, Best Practices, Training and Certification within the Data Integration community. Click here for an overview of the series.

Data Integration is a high growth software industry. Gartner recently published a new research report looking into the enterprise software market (“Forecast Analysis: Enterprise Infrastructure Software Worldwide, 2009-2014, 2Q10 Update”, July 16, 2010). The report states:

The infrastructure market, which includes all the software to build, run and manage an enterprise, is the largest segment in terms of revenue and the fastest-growing through the forecast period at 5.8% CAGR. The hottest markets in this segment are security (10% CAGR), data integration and data quality (9.4% CAGR), business intelligence (8.2% CAGR) and virtualization (7.1% CAGR).

David Linthicum recently posted a blog here on our Perspectives Blog entitled “Data Integration Driving Job Growth”. Here he highlighted the phenomenal growth in data integration jobs over the last few years. I re-ran his analysis on indeed.com to look at the trends for our eight technology areas and found the following:

These numbers highlight a strong, growing market where skills are at a premium.  Unfortunately high growth markets attract a range of expertise to capitalize on the opportunity.  This in turn means that we must all be extremely careful about hiring resources that are simply under-qualified for the work in hand.

Certification provides a clear way of differentiating capability and providing Informatica professionals with the recognition that they need and deserve. From our perspective at Informatica it also matters because it demonstrates a commitment and a capability that can be monetized by our clients.  Informatica technology is in use across over 4,100 enterprises across the globe. Our technology is used in THE most demanding areas that are both mission and business critical. However, it is enterprise software requiring skilled implementation in order to deliver the greatest value. Certification provides a simple means of demonstrating capability to a client before allowing someone on-premise to build a solution in our technology.

However, it is important that we all work together to drive the need and demonstrate the value of certification within our industry. Without the commitment of you, our customers, to demand certification as a proof of capability, and you, our partners, to deliver certified consultants, then it counts for nothing. This is the subject of my next blog on “Accountability”.

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Growing our community knowledge, ensuring best practices, and driving certification are important to us all. Act now.

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