Knowledge Transfer, Best Practices, Training And Certification

During the Informatica 9 world tour, I travelled to many parts of the world speaking to customers about the role of Informatica within their organizations.  I have been impressed with how people are using our technology and the way in which our Platform is providing value and benefit.  However, one thing that has become clear in all the conversations I have had is that we need to do more in helping you to gain the knowledge necessary to extend your utilization of our Platform.

This is not just about taking a training course.  This is far more than just that – it is about leveraging the power of the Informatica community, understanding what data integration technology can do, how it works and how to implement projects with industry best practices. Clearly we still have work to do in order to better communicate the great strides that we have made in these areas – for example, many people do not realize that we wrote the book on Integration Competency Centers, and are leading the industry in driving Lean Integration practices – we wrote that book too.

Over the coming weeks I am going to publish a series of blogs that looks at the areas of Knowledge Transfer, Best Practices, Training and Certification.  I believe that these are all critical to ensuring the right level of skills are available to you, our customers – both within your own organizations and also within our partner community that you work with.  Today there are many different places that you can go to in order to improve your knowledge, and we at Informatica want to do all that we can to help you work with the best skilled practitioners in the industry. We welcome your comments and input to help us broaden our offerings, enable our partners and ensure that the community has access to the relevant knowledge that is available to help you gain even more value from our technology.
Specifically the topics I plan to cover are:

  1. Top 7 Categories For Data Integration Knowledge
  2. Astonishing Growth in Integration Jobs: Certification is Key
  3. Demand Certification, Or Else
  4. Certification: It’s All About Trust
  5. The Roadmap to Perfecting Knowledge Transfer

You can follow this discussion in a number of ways:

  • Keep an eye on our corporate blog site to read this series as it unfolds.
  • Bookmark the Informatica Knowledge Center to keep updated on what is available
  • Follow us on Twitter by using the #INFAKnowledge tag

Based on reader feedback and comments, I may add additional topics or change the order, so please do send in your comments.

Growing our community knowledge, ensuring best practices, and driving certification are important to us all.  Act now.

What do you think?  Join the debate now.

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