2 Responses to The Win-Win Of Enabling Customer Centricity with MDM

  1. Steven Ramirez says:

    Very compelling case study, and it rings true based on my years of financial services industry consulting. However, data integration is only the first challenge. Once you have the data, there is tremendous value that data mining and analytics can help you to unlock.

  2. Jakki Geiger says:

    Thanks for your comment Steven. Please share some of your experience with us helping financial services companies enable customer centricity. Which ones do you think are the furthest ahead? Most of the companies we begain working with 4-5 years ago started out by using master data management (MDM)to gain one version of the truth of their business-critical data that went into their data warehouse for business intelligence/analytics and reporting. Once that investment was made they saw the value of providing key customer facing employees like sales, maketing and service delivery with that data for everyday operations. In our experience, the companies that are mastering their data for analytical purposes as well as operations are gaining tremendous value from MDM.

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