The Marketplace Cometh. Are You Ready?

We are getting very excited about the arrival of our Marketplace!

When we announced it a few months ago people contacted me to ask if this was for real, and how it was going to work.  My reply was “Think iTunes or AppExchange for Data Integration”.  Of course, at the time we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to build and why it would be important.  However, there is no better way of answering these questions than to go live and allow you to look at and use it.

The Marketplace is nearly here and I wanted to share a few thoughts to prepare you for the day it goes live:

The Marketplace is for you, our customers:

  • As my colleague Judy Ko commented in her blog, The Informatica Marketplace: Tapping The Power of the Crowd, it provides a forum through which the Informatica community can share best practices.  For our customers it will help to drive down development costs since you will be able to tap into the community to find and re-use components – both simple and complex – to help you achieve your goals.  Why re-invent something when it has been done many times before by different people?
  • The Marketplace is also a place where developers can build cool widgets and sell them to the Informatica community.  To help facilitate this process we have deployed Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica Data Quality on Amazon where you can provision them on an hourly basis, build components and drop them into the Marketplace.  It is our intention to push more product capability onto Amazon.

The momentum is building:

  • Earlier this week we also announced a major new release of our Cloud Services (the Cloud Summer ‘10 release).  This is a very significant release which aligns very well with the Marketplace.  Our cloud ‘10 summer release includes the concept of “plug-ins” which are re-usable components that can be dropped into the Cloud platform and deployed to business users through our innovative and pioneering business-user cloud environment.  It is a very small jump to go from the re-usability of such components in the cloud to a marketplace where you can find such re-usable components.
  • The Cloud Summer ‘10 release is built on the same Informatica platform as used by over 4,000 customers worldwide.  As such, anything that can be used in the cloud can, of course, be used within the traditional enterprise and vice versa.

Informatica – continuing to innovate:

The Marketplace is the beginning of a journey to help you gain more value from your most important asset – your data.

  • The Marketplace will allow you to tap into the Informatica community to find re-usable blocks.
  • The Informatica Cloud 9 platform and the Informatica 9 Platform will help you to plug-in these blocks and deploy across the traditional enterprise and also across the clouds
  • I’d also like to add that Lean integration is important here also.  This is innovation of a different sort but equally important because it will enable you to apply the best principles from lean manufacturing to drive down service costs.

Are you ready for the Informatica Marketplace?

When the Marketplace goes live you will see components built by Informatica, by our partners and by individual contributors.  We are running a competition that closes on July 31st.  It is still not too late to enter – if you have something that you would like to share, or sell, then you still have plenty of time to submit and win the competition.  The lucky winner will receive an all-expenses trip to Washington, D.C. in early November to attend our worldwide users’ conference and showcase it on main-stage with our CEO, Sohaib Abbasi.

The world is recognizing that data integration is a critical enabler to business success and we hope you will participate and contribute in the success of the open Informatica Marketplace.

We are excited, and I hope you are too.

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