How Many Metadata Repositories Do You Have?

One of the key deliverables for an ILM project that my team is wrapping up is a metadata repository of all the database tables we have applied an ILM solution to.  In this repository, we list the database, schema and table name; what Record Series the data belong to; the corresponding retention period and criteria; business owner; and source information.  Not only will this repository be used to archive and purge data on a regular, operational basis, but it will also be used by Records Management to track Records Retention compliance.

The challenge this client still faces is that they have a separate, distinct metadata repository for all of their email records and yet another one for unstructured content (file shares, content management systems, etc.).  When they need to search all electronically stored information (ESI), they take the key word list and apply it to three separate repositories using three separate search mechanisms.  The legal costs associated with this manual and laborious process has only confirmed the need for a joint solution like Informatica and EMC or CommVault.  Having a single searchable repository for all corporate data, regardless of the type of data is the direction we should all be looking towards.

We estimated that the cost of performing a search ranged between $2 and $10 per document.  With search technology, we could limit the number of items by more than 75% on the first pass.  When it came to structured data, we had to either run the original application to generate a report or leverage a SQL query to pull specific records from a database, store the results in another database, and create a report that was similar to the original application.  This process alone cost us 15 hours (roughly $900) per report.  If we could leverage the same search technology with style sheets to view the reports from a central repository, we could reduce that cost by 90%.

This is just one example of the costs associated with having multiple repositories each with their own set of metadata.  If we did the math and were able to search one repository that pointed to all ESI, we could save this client more than $2.5 Million in the first year.  How many metadata repositories do you have? If it’s more than one, it’s too many.�
Julie Lockner, President & Founder, www.CentricInfo.com

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