Adding A Dash Of ILM And MDM To A Bowl Of ECM And SAN Soup Makes Data Governance Taste Good

What do you get when you combine Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), Master Data Management (MDM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and Storage Area Networks (SAN)? A compelling Data Management solution on a single purchase order that finally closes the gap on databases.  EMC announced this last week at EMC World 2010 that they will start reselling Informatica’s Data Archive and Master Data Management products as part of the EMC Select program. Why does this taste good to data management practitioners? Because EMC customers have been in need for a single solution to manage, retain and archive ALL data, not just email and files.

To someone evaluating data management solutions, this combined offering now looks more cohesive, easier to procure while making data governance goals look more attainable. Here’s why.  Data governance is defined by a company’s policies, procedures, organization and technology with regard to how data is managed throughout its lifecycle – including, but not limited to, security, end user access, records classification, retention, archiving, deleting, testing, and quality.

Deploying different solutions and desktop procedures for managing each data governance aspect for different type of data (one for email, one for files, another one for database data) from multiple vendors requires more resources, more process, more overhead, more buying cycles and more headaches.  Wouldn’t it be better to have a common approach for managing all data consistently throughout its lifecycle?  Think of this – one retention policy manager, one archive platform, one version of the master data truth, one point of contact from the vendor, one set of data governance policies.  Doesn’t that leave a much better taste in your mouth?

Julie Lockner, President & Founder, www.CentricInfo.com

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