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Recently I wrote about the importance of customer success to cloud computing, and more specifically to software as a service (SaaS) applications. The leader in this market, salesforce.com, has long championed customer success in their messaging for a few primary reasons:

  1. They are fundamentally a customer relationship management (CRM) company.
  2. Their business is based on a subscription pricing model – without adoption there are no renewals!
  3. As a multitenant cloud service, they actually know how their software is being used. As a result, they have a laser-focus on ease of use.

Informatica Cloud Services is also a multitenant service that is now integrating over 6 billion rows of data per month for over 650 companies. Selected as the best data integration solution on the AppExchange two years in a row, we’ve also been laser-focused on ease of use and rapid implementation. And now with the Informatica Cloud Platform, developers, Information Architects, and other IT roles in your company are able to ensure proper data governance and control, while providing business self service.

Highlighting the importance of customer success to adoption and growth of cloud-based applications (not to mention the importance of integration to overall cloud computing success), here are a few recent quotes from Informatica Cloud Services customers:

Toshiba America’s Business Solutions:

We evaluated three alternative solutions on ease of use, look and feel of the user interface, and how easy it would be for non-developers to use the solution. In every one of these criteria, Informatica Cloud Services led the field.”

– Alfredo Ng-Palacol, Strategic Business Planning Project Manager, Toshiba

Dallas Mavericks:

“We’re a sports team, not an IT company, and the Informatica Cloud has simplified our integration task while allowing us to focus on our core competency.”

– Ken Bonzon, CIO, Dallas Mavericks

Bay and Bay Transportation:

If Bay & Bay didn’t have Informatica, we couldn’t have done any customer relationship management. By taking charge of our sales operations and putting all the sales information in one place, the Bay & Bay sales teams are devoting less time to administration and spending more time closing deals.”

– Rob Adams, CIO, Bay & Bay Transportation


“With very little training, we were almost immediately productive accessing, cleansing, and integrating the provider data. Informatica Cloud Services are like sliced bread: quick and easy to use, cost-effective, and popular.”

– Darrell DeVeaux, president and CEO, HealthDetail

To see the Informatica Cloud in action, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel. You can also join our Cloud Integration Community, or follow us on Twitter. And if you’re already taking advantage of Informatica Cloud Services and want to share your story, there’s still time to submit a track session for Informatica World in November.

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