Cloud Integration Best Practices

Last week I participated in ebizQ’s “Cloud QCamp”, which included a podcast and a best-practice cloud integration webinar with Amazon.com and Dave Linthicum. Kurt Messersmith from Amazon Web Services gave an overview of Amazon’s “on-demand infrastructure for hosting web-scale solutions” and provided some enlightening statistics on their bandwidth usage and growth since it was introduced in 2006. He reviewed the key attributes of cloud computing reviewed some of the diverse enterprise use cases for infrastructure as a service (IaaS). They are:

  • Web site hosting
  • Application hosting
  • Internal IT application hosting
  • Quick and effective marketing campaigns
  • Content delivery and media distribution
  • High performance computing, batch data processing, and large scale analytics
  • Storage, backup, and disaster recovery
  • Development and test environments

Dave Linthicum then segued into reasons to consider data integration as a service. He highlighted “improved adaptability and agility, functional reusability, independent change management, interoperability instead of point-to-point integration, and orchestration.” Here are Dave’s recommendations for preparing for data integration delivered as an on-demand service:

  • Accept the notion that it’s okay to leverage services that are hosted on the Internet as part of your SOA. Normal security management needs to apply, of course.
  • Create a strategy for the consumption and management of outside-in services, including how you’ll deal with semantic management, security, transactions, etc.
  • Create a proof of concept now. This does a few things including getting you through the initial learning process and providing proof points as to the feasibility of leveraging outside-in services.

Dave went on to summarize technical, architectural as well as potential cloud integration limitations and key criterion for selecting the right solution. At the end of the webinar there was also some good discussion about the benefits of staging vs. point to point cloud integration.

You can listen to the Informatica Cloud introduction podcast here and tune in to the best-practice cloud integration webinar here.

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