Rethink Data Virtualization – Get All the Data You Need And Trust NOW!

Businesses have seen great success in using virtualization to gain greater efficiencies from their hardware and network resources. Now, the concept of virtualization has been extended to the data layer.

The bottom line is about providing a logical abstraction of all underlying data, so that it appears as one data source to consuming applications.

However, given that your data is often distributed, heterogeneous, and often error-ridden, it’s not enough to simply federate it and pass this off as data virtualization. The data you deliver to your end users must be data they can trust, however, traditional data federation approaches seem to ignore this fact. They simply propagate inconsistent and inaccurate data, quickly. So where is the gap?

Any real-world approach to data virtualization must recognize and handle the complexity involved in building and delivering a single, accurate and consistent view of one’s data, exactly when it is needed.

Also, equally importantly, as an architect at a large energy company recently told me – data virtualization should not involve acquiring and learning a whole new platform – it should be an extension of the way you access, process, manage and consume your data today. Given that physical data movement amounts to a large percentage of how data is processed in IT organizations, virtual data integration should be an extension of the process and the data integration platform.

So join me in this interesting webinar on April 22nd at 1.00pm ET led by David Linthicum, as we all rethink data virtualization – topics include:

· Sourcing and combining data from multiple heterogeneous data sources (including structured, unstructured, mainframe) in real-time

· Applying data quality rules and rich transformations to integrate and cleanse federated data

· Handling change in underlying data sources and provisioning accurate and consistent data in real-time, to all applications via any protocol

· Leveraging data virtualization to:

o Augment a data warehouse or MDM hub

o Implement real-time business intelligence

o Execute on-the-fly data quality

It’s not just about getting data NOW!

It’s about getting all the data you need AND trust, NOW!

Looking forward to seeing you on the webinar and hearing from you on this subject.

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