Cloud Integration Drives CRM And Sales Success

Today Informatica announced that Bay & Bay Transportation has used Informatica Cloud Services to achieve a six month project payback on their total Salesforce.com investment and a 900 percent return on their critical data integration project.

Bay & Bay is using the turnkey, on-demand Informatica Cloud Services to provide robust, bi-directional synchronization between its logistics management databases and applications with Salesforce CRM. Using an intuitive web based integration wizard, the company automatically maps source and target fields, configures powerful data transformations, and sets automated synchronization schedules. And being a true multi-tenant cloud-based service, there is no hardware, software, or infrastructure for them to install, manage, or maintain.

According to Rob Adams, CIO at Bay and Bay Transportation:

“If Bay & Bay didn’t have Informatica, we couldn’t have done any customer relationship management. By taking charge of our sales operations and putting all the sales information in one place, the Bay & Bay sales teams are devoting less time to administration and spending more time closing deals. Our sales managers can also use the real-time visibility into their team’s activities to forecast sales more effectively. Overall, if Bay & Bay achieves a one percent increase in sales revenues from this Informatica implementation, it will translate into a 900 percent return on investment.”

Earlier this year Chris Boorman predicted that, “Cloud Data Integration will eclipse both security and availability to be the defining capability that drives Cloud Computing success.” Informatica was also recognized as the top-ranked data integration application on the AppExchange in 2009. Ron Papas, Informatica Cloud general manager, explains the impact of Informatica Cloud Services this way:

“Informatica Cloud Services helps growing companies, such as Bay & Bay, quickly and cost-effectively address today’s data management challenges regardless of their business systems landscape, while retaining control and doing so in a secure manner.”

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