For Successful Data Governance – Start Small

Two of the more common questions that arise when trying to effectively deploy Data Governance are; “Where do I begin?” and “What business areas should I include?”.  If you start too narrowly, the value and credibility of the effort is questioned.   Be too aggressive, and delivery risk and scalability become a problem.  As usual, success comes down to defining and managing scope.   However, more times than not it is prudent to err on the small side, and here’s why…

Most organizations are more comfortable making smaller decisions, the likelihood of success is greater, and small failures are less costly (both in capital and in reputation).  Besides, if you start small and are successful, you can always grow.   But if you go big and fail, your odds of a second chance are diminished.  So how do you keep the scale down, but still deliver something meaningful?   Follow the money, because it’s all about value.   The quote-to-cash and procure-to-pay lifecycles are rife with opportunities.   Go and speak with business and operational leaders.  Familiarize yourself with your “customers'” strategies and objectives.   Get your hands on the IT project portfolio.   These channels are excellent sources of information about what problems the business is trying to solve.   Once you’ve captured a handful of opportunities, do some basic analysis and fact gathering.  Then short list it to the two or three you think provide the most value and the best likelihood of delivery success.  Here’s your starting point.

Good luck!

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