HealthDetail Turns To The Cloud For Sales Growth

The only way for HealthDetail to hold or increase margins was to think differently. The company’s provider directory business supplies accurate and compliant healthcare directories for Medicaid and other health insurers. The problem was that the volume of data coming in and the breadth of different sources it was derived from threatened to overwhelm the existing database. HealthDetail could either invest in dedicated database administration resources, at great expense, or consider a more innovative solution: cloud-based data integration.

By standardizing on Informatica Cloud Services, HealthDetail is integrating its cloud-based Salesforce CRM data with MySQL databases quickly and easily. There’s no requirement for dedicated IT resources, and the team is almost immediately productive accessing, cleansing, and integrating the provider data. Using this cloud computing model, HealthDetail has reduced the time needed to process and submit directories for healthcare providers from 14 days to 5 (a 64 percent reduction), thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and optimizing efficiency. Moreover, the company has eliminated the requirement for contract database administrator staff, and the cloud model means there’s no dedicated IT hardware or software to support. The Informatica Cloud has also supported revenue growth in HealthDetail’s market research line of business.

Concerns over operating margins have vanished into the clouds…

Learn more about the Informatica Cloud.

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