Three Things You Should Know About The Informatica Cloud

This month’s Informatica Newsletter features an interview with Ron Papas, General Manager of the Informatica Cloud. He’s asked, “What should Informatica customers know about the Informatica Cloud?”

I thought his answer was worth sharing here:

There are really three things we’d like our customers to know about the Informatica Cloud:

  1. Informatica Cloud Services are web-based data integration solutions specifically designed for line of business (LOB) users and SaaS application administrators. This is important because these are the people who are typically managing SaaS applications such as Salesforce.com. While they need the proven performance and scalability that Informatica is known for, they also need a non-technical, self-service interface that will allow them to manage day-to-day integration requirements without the need to reply upon IT resources.
  2. With the introduction of the Informatica Cloud Platform, we’ve opened up the multitenant architecture of Informatica Cloud Services and now allow Informatica customers to develop and run custom mappings and advanced functions for these non-technical, LOB users and SaaS administrators to consume over the web. This means that IT organizations can collaborate more effectively with these business groups by providing them with the self-service integration they require, but also retain control of their enterprise data and prevent the proliferation of unsupported and unproven point solutions.
  3. With Informatica Cloud 9, we also announced that PowerCenter Cloud Edition is now in production and Informatica Data Quality is in beta on Amazon EC2. The Informatica Platform is open to cloud infrastructure as a service deployments as IT organizations seek to reduce costs and take advantage of the elasticity of cloud computing. This week we also announced Informatica Data Archive Cloud Store Option, which allows IT organizations to optimize database archiving by storing data in the cloud.

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