The Benefits Of Business User Involvement In Data Quality Projects

Today, business users find it very difficult to get involved in data quality processes. They see bad data and they see the impact of bad data on business processes, but they feel powerless to resolve the issues. They request IT to address the issues, however IT is often very busy and sometimes data quality projects are seen to be “nice to haves” and not necessarily on any critical path.

To solve data quality issues, you must have the active participation of business users, as they are the ones who are impacted most by poor data quality, who know what the data should look like and who know which business rules need to be applied.  More importantly, they are the ones responsible for building a business case for high quality data.  In this white paper: Pervasive Data Quality: Extending Data Quality to All Stakeholders, All Data Domains, and All Applications you can read more on this.

Informatica Data Quality 9.0 was designed for ease of use by the business, reducing their reliance on IT. For the data quality stewards, the browser based data quality features mean that they can now perform 80% of the work previously seen as within the domain of IT development. The stewards can profile the data and generate and distribute scorecards. They can configure and run validation rules, thus testing the data quality logic before passing new rules to IT to optimize and deploy.

The data steward can therefore focus on identifying the data quality issues most impacting business processes and highlight these issues as part of the ongoing improvement process and battle against the losses incurred by poor data quality.

When it comes to demonstrating ROI, the business is now in control. They see the failed transactions due to poor data quality. As a result, they can count the cost and they can demonstrate the value of high quality data.

So now we can scale the solution. Whereby without business user empowerment, it was very difficult to move beyond ad-hoc data quality projects, we can now envision a scenario where every business application, every business unit and every enterprise process has a data owner, empowered to identify, remedy and track data quality over time – without impacting on IT. We are beginning to see the benefits of Informatica 9.

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