Why Did Informatica Acquire Agent Logic?

Today Informatica completed the acquisition of Agent Logic.

Whenever a company acquires another, the first question is why. I wanted to give my personal perspective on why this deal is a good one for the industry and our customers.  In addition to my comments below, you can read the press release: Informatica Acquires Agent Logic for more information.

It is clear that data is playing an increasingly important role in all companies, enterprises and government organizations. We are assaulted from all sides by data – data from within the enterprise, from outside the enterprise, data in the clouds, data flowing between enterprises, data from our emails, including Google alerts and beyond.  And there is no end in sight around how much more data each of us will be creating as well as trying to make sense of in the months and years ahead.

Today our intelligence services are trying to keep us safe by attempting to correlate events involving known terrorists around the world. Our police forces are tracking criminals, searching for stolen vehicles, and working tirelessly to ensure public safety by doing their best to make sense of the data that is most critical. Our health services are dealing with pandemics sweeping across the world at the speed it takes a plane, bus or car to reach its destination.  Our schools are tracking our students’ progress, to ensure they advance and develop as they should in school.

Meanwhile enterprises in the commercial sector try to make sense of incoming data to drive competitive advantage. Competitive advantage now comes from being able to spot a trend, or perform an action in real-time, based upon a piece of data within the sea of data we are drowning in.

Increasingly this means moving from analyzing data about events that have already happened, to being able to spot patterns/trends and take decisive action in real-time. This means that each of us can make a data-driven decision at work, we can travel more safely around the world and we can have greater visibility into how an outbreak of an infectious disease 5,000 miles away can have an impact on me.

It therefore follows that it is important to make the link between “data” and “events”. This is why Informatica has acquired Agent Logic.

Agent Logic provides the critical enabling technology that allows us to correlate events in real-time, linking the events to data giving the power to the decision makers to execute actions based on information, rather than ‘gut’ feel. They eliminate the time required to detect and respond to threats and opportunities by automating the analysis of data and delivering instant intelligence to an individual or enterprise. They have a track record of success in one of the most mission-critical industries – within the intelligence community – where correlating data and events must be done accurately, quickly and with no margin for error.

Agent Logic solutions provide our clients with two new capabilities:

  • The first is “Active Data Integration”. It enables an organization to start defining events based upon data, correlating the outcome of these events and then taking action. Consider correlating events from GPS, weather stations and traffic monitors to automatically divert trucks and keep supply chains operating, or monitoring virus outbreaks across regions in order to move vaccines to help combat outbreaks or automatically moving supplies into a given region based upon increased demand.  Being able to execute quickly based upon intelligence is rapidly becoming a key competitive differentiator for commercial enterprises. The ability to connect events with data enables this.
  • The second is “Identity Aware Event Processing”. It enables our customers to correlate events in conjunction with a person’s identity.  This is profoundly important within the intelligence community, among security forces, as well as within healthcare and many commercial enterprises. Consider correlating events from the Internet, airports and border controls with watch-lists of known terrorists. Any movement of such personnel can be instantly correlated and automatically executed upon.  The same applies to criminals, or patients, or credit-card holders (for example giving banks additional capabilities in tracking fraudulent processing by criminals under anti-money laundering regulations).

Every day we read in the paper or see on the news information about pandemics sweeping across the world, terrorists acts, kidnappings by convicted criminals and wonder how it can all happen. Technology is playing an increasing role in helping to overcome all these dreadful acts. If we know the identity of someone, and we can monitor data feeds from any source, then perhaps we can help the world to be a safer place for our children to live in.  Monitoring illegal and abnormal behavior data can help make minimize some of the criminal activity that the intelligence and security communities are tasked with stopping.

Informatica is extremely proud of its contribution to enterprises across the world. We believe that data is the single most critical asset and our mission is to provide solutions that will enable enterprises to drive competitive advantage from their data.  We also hope that these solutions will help save and protect lives and generally make the world a better place to live and work.

Acquiring Agent Logic enables our customers to gain more value from their data by being able to correlate their data within events occurring across their domain of influence. I hope you’ll agree that this is a major step forward and a critical part of the data integration lifecycle.

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