Informatica On Amazon EC2 – Why?

Last week we made a significant announcement relating to the availability of our flagship product “PowerCenter” on the Amazon EC2 infrastructure. Why?

The answer lies in the profound advancements that are happening in the area of “cloud infrastructure.”   For many years we have talked about running applications “on-premise” and “on-demand.”  Companies like Salesforce.com have pioneered the delivery of applications on their own infrastructure and we’ve become very familiar with the concept of software-as-a-service.  So where has Amazon come from?

Amazon has been pioneering infrastructure-as-a-service and now provides a viable alternative for IT departments to run applications off-premise, beyond the firewall. Is this “cloud computing?” The answer is not only “yes”, but “yes” with impact!

One of the issues that IT often faces is being able to cope with varying demand – for example the increased processing required for a retail company in the run-up to Christmas compared with other times of the year.

Amazon offer an “elastic” and economical computing infrastructure that provides IT with scalable computing infrastructure that can grow and shrink with varying demand at a cost lower than IT can ever provide on- premise.

This means that IT now has a viable choice to replace virtualized sever farms as their hardware depreciates over a standard 3-year cycle. They can consider running their applications on the Amazon infrastructure, and they WILL do this because it is cheaper and delivers a much lower “total cost of ownership.” I predict that they will start with “non-core” applications before considering more mission-critical applications.

Indeed at Informatica we are looking closely at what business applications we can move to Amazon in order to lower our IT infrastructure costs.

It therefore follows that enterprises will need to move data between applications on Amazon. That’s why we’re making the PowerCenter Cloud Edition available on Amazon. After all, let’s not recreate the hand-coded IT mess that most enterprises have found themselves in with on-premise application connectivity!

Innovative pricing choices:
Economics are also playing a role in how we price our Amazon offering.  Enterprises have two ways of using the PowerCenter Cloud Edition – hourly pricing or perpetual pricing. Now for the first time ever enterprises can provision the PowerCenter cloud edition for a few hours at a time.

This might be useful because they only need to process a small daily batch process. Of course they can also run the cloud edition continuously – in which case a perpetual license may be more economical.

We believe it is important to offer our clients the most flexible and economical approach to enabling data integration and the availability of PowerCenter on Amazon delivers new choice to our customers by delivering the power of Informatica on this new exciting platform.

If your IT department is looking at running applications on Amazon, you now can take advantage of the most comprehensive data integration offering at the most economical pricing. Why consider any other solution when you can use the market leader?

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6 Responses to Informatica On Amazon EC2 – Why?

  1. This is an interesting development in the world of data integration. As a data integration consultant I usually have Informatica PowerCenter installed on my laptop (an OEM version delivered with Callidus TrueComp). Will consultants be given access to “the cloud” during development and will the hourly costs be the same as normal production costs? During development the tool is used much more than during production.

  2. Don Tirsell says:

    As noted, the value of PowerCenter CE on Amazon EC2 is both in development and production use and the costs are the same for both. In addition, Informatica has a number of SI partners pursuing Amazon EC2-based enablement and solution development initiatives for their implementation practices. It makes for a readily available and secure environment for consultants to leverage a fully installed, Informatica best practices environment, and also eases collaboration on asset creation no matter personnel location. These firms do have alliance relationships with Informatica and through the beINFORMed enablement program gain access to PowerCenter CE (and many other Informatica products) and receive assistance setting up enablement environments in Amazon EC2. These partners are currently handling the Amazon-related costs as the value to their firms is clear.

  3. Greg Hoelzer says:

    Are there any future webinars planned to demonstrate how existing Informatica customers can migrate current solutions to the cloud environment or the difference in creating/deploying new solutions on your cloud platform?

  4. Yes, we will be providing a number of webinars to look at migration, as well as running PowerCenter on the Amazon cloud infrastructure. Please stay tuned and keep watching the Informatica web-site for webinar announcements.

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  6. Hemanth says:

    Is there a free version of Powercenter that I can play with (standalone or on ec2)? I searched in ec2 and couldn’t find any Informatica product.

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