Application Data Growth – Start Planning Now!

I recently attended HP’s Software Universe and a big theme of the conference was ‘winning the war of managing application performance’. Having spent time walking the solutions showcase floor, speaking to attendees and SI partners, I can say this is still a really big deal. As the growth and size of production applications at the core of business continues, organizations are faced with a significant and costly challenge that will only continue to get worse.

Another audience in attendance, namely members of the QA and testing teams responsible for ensuring the quality of production applications, building and protecting realistic testing environments for their internal applications is another huge challenge. These team members need to sub-set and create test environments without impacting production systems performance or requiring a duplicate hardware footprint. Masking and protecting the data once it’s pulled from production is also a necessary step of ensuring control of the information housed within these critical systems.

It was refreshing to hear these challenges from real practitioners trying to solve problems for some of the largest organization in the world. Their pain validated the need for Application ILM solutions. These are real production-impacting issues that if not addressed will have huge cost and productivity impacts. If you’re an Informatica partner or practitioner, expanding your knowledge of these new offerings might make you a hero! I urge you to take a look.

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