Informatica Platform Momentum with Partners

As a follow up to my last Alliances Momentum post, I wanted to call attention to a recent press release highlighting Zyme Solutions, one of our OEM partners and a leading provider of hosted channel intelligence services to the high-tech industry.

Zyme is a great example of an Informatica OEM partner that hand-coded data integration initially but to scale their business, made a buy decision and purchased/deployed Informatica’s platform for address their data integration requirements.

To start, for Zyme’s “manageable” number of data feeds and clients, hand-coding was sufficient. But Zyme had aspirations to scale their business and foresaw needs to significantly improve customer on-boarding time and to be able to process millions of transactions per week from over 140 countries around the world. And each new customer would potentially provide data in new/different formats across a wider set of industry standard message types, XML, spreadsheets and free-form text files.

The Informatica’ platform addressed these needs for Zyme and also allowed them to improve the data quality during the data processing lifecycle.

You may be facing similar challenges, either in scaling your business, improving your customer experience, broadening your market offering or other means of expansion. If you’re at a similar precipice, Informatica can help.

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