Why Informatica bought Applimation to enhance Data Integration

We recently added a fantastic new capability to our data integration portfolio through the recent acquisition of Applimation.  As the leader in Application ILM, Applimation enhances Informatica’s offerings by providing extensive functionality in the areas of data archiving, data privacy, test data management, and application retirement.

Many people have asked me why this is important and how it actually relates to data integration.  Let me explain why it’s important and why it is a perfect fit for the Informatica portfolio.

Applications are critical to all businesses.  However, over time they become cluttered with dormant data relating to closed transactions or historical data.  A leading industry analyst group estimates that more than 80 percent of data in enterprise applications is “inactive,” yet that data consumes expensive storage and database capacity. In addition, more than 40 percent of data is estimated to be confidential, yet many companies are proliferating full production copies of this sensitive data throughout their enterprise for non-production use—typically, for development, testing, and training purposes.

This multiples the effect of production data growth magnifies the data privacy issues.  Industry estimates indicate that most enterprises have anywhere from 5-12 full, non-production copies of production data floating around.  Effective lifecycle management of data lowers storage and database costs, improves performance and ensures confidentiality.

At informatica we talk about the data integration lifecycle – the processes relating to the access, discovery, cleansing, integration and delivery of data.  Application ILM uses the INTEGRATION lifecycle to manage the INFORMATION lifecycle– from development and testing to archiving and retirement. Through the ILM process, data is accessed, analyzed, transformed and delivered—typically in batch.

The sources are packaged or custom applications, the analysis helps decipher complex application metadata (proprietary data models, multiple versions, cross-module dependencies, etc.), transformation rules create useable, secure data subsets and the target is an archive or non-production repository. However, there is another compelling reason as to why this technology is relevant and important – it simply saves customers money.  How?

  1. Firstly, it enables you to stop buying expensive primary storage since your application is running, after the archive process, with far less data than it had previously.  Any primary storage that you previously used is now available for future growth of your application data needs.  With careful planning you may no longer need to buy additional primary storage.
  2. Secondly, it allows you to reduce the costly database licenses needed by archiving dormant data to highly compressed, file-based storage where RDBMS licenses are not needed
  3. Thirdly, it will improve the performance of your application for your users since the application is now running with less data volumes. This also means less time for upgrades, patches, and tuning which will save time for precious DBA resources and improve SLAs with the business.

There are two other benefits from using the Informatica Data Archive solution:

  • It will mitigate risk relating to unsecured, full copy application development, test, and training environments by creating fully masked, lean subsets.
  • It will enhance regulatory compliance though accessible, cost-effective retention of business critical information.

Informatica’s Application ILM offerings support all types of applications including over 100 modules of Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, SAP, Deltek and even custom built applications.

Bottom line: If you are running mission-critical applications you may also be suffering from massive data volumes that are clogging your systems, impairing performance and driving unnecessary storage and database license purchases.  If you are, then perhaps you should be considering Application ILM as a solution to save you money.

Our goal is to drive down costs, save you money and improve the value you add to the business.  With Applimation we believe we are achieving exactly that.  If you’d like to know more about these solutions, visit our Application ILM web pages.

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