Aspiring to Operational Excellence in Telecommunications

People often ask me how Informatica adds value to our customers – it’s a pretty simple question that I’ve answered a thousand times.  Rather than become bogged down in industry acronyms or discussing the technical aspects of our solutions, I thought I’d look at it in a broader light of operational efficiency.  I took great delight in a recent posting about how two customers of ours (KPN and RBS) had won industry awards for their Informatica-based projects.

We talk about data integration and data quality, data warehousing, data migration and Integration Competency Centers.  What does this all mean at the end of the day to our customers? 

Obviously it all starts with data (where else I hear you ask!).  Data is the most critical asset to all corporations – none more so than the telecommunications industry which is renowned for its fiercely competitive nature.  Informatica is helping many companies in this sector drive operational efficiency across their organizations as they deal with the massively increasing volumes of data that needs to be processed every minute of every day and in real-time.

  • Virgin Media is a great M&A success story – both in terms of their own business and how they use the Informatica platform to improve both their customer service and their operational competitiveness.  Formed from the merger of four cable, mobile and wireline operators they used the Informatica platform to underpin their virtualized contact center and deliver real-time information to their customer service agents. These agents use this information to identify new opportunities and up-sell / cross-sell additional services into their existing customer base.  Indeed this is acknowledged as being the main root of customer and revenue growth for their business.
  • Oi – Brazil’s largest telecommunications provider is another company formed from M&A activity.  Here the Informatica platform is quite simply fundamental to their business success since it is the cornerstone of their ability to understand their customers.  As a result of building a single view of their customers with Informatica, they have streamlined their operations, improved their customer service and perhaps most importantly won new customers.  Quality data is at the heart of this process and because of this they have seen significant improvements in the efficiency of both IT and their sales and marketing operations.
  • KPN is a world-renowned communications provider headquartered in the Benelux.  The Informatica platform has been critical in driving operational efficiency across their customer facing organization.  They are using our platform to deliver trusted real-time data to their operations.  The effect has been profound to the business.  Besides helping to deliver better service and enhance customer satisfaction the Informatica platform is expected to increase average revenue per user (ARPU) by 5 percent, reduce customer churn by 10 percent annually, and cut the amount of time that call center staff spend on each call by 10 percent.  Moreover, it is reducing marketing and sales time-to-market through real-time interaction between target systems and increasing organizational productivity by improving and automating data quality.
  • Eircom is a telecommunications operator in Ireland.  Data quality had become a major issue resulting from the evolution of their legacy systems as it evolved from a government department to a private company.  Not only was this affecting customer service, but it was also resulting in costly manual effort to clean data and deliver standardized telephone directories to the community. With our data quality solutions Eircom now automates much of the cleansing process, resulting in both cost savings as well as improving their ability to service their customers.
  • MTN Group is the largest telecommunications provider in Africa and is another great example of Informatica success.  In their case, Informatica helps deliver visibility into the billions of call records transacted every day.  They rely on our scalability and performance to cope with these enormous volumes then use this data across their business to drive their growth strategy. For example within their call centers it’s used to cross-sell and up-sell different plans and services to their customers, and in their resourcing teams to accurately project resourcing requirements across their network.
  • Verizon Business also uses the Informatica platform – this time as a core element of its sales and marketing effectiveness.  Spread across 150 countries Verizon used Informatica to facilitate merging disparate CRM systems across different countries to deliver the right information driving the business into the hands of the sales and marketing organization.

These are just a few of  our customers in the telecommunications sector who are relying on Informatica to improve operational excellence across their businesses.  The benefits of a comprehensive, unified and open platform for data integration are enormous:

  • Improving customer retention
  • Increasing cross- and up-sell opportunities
  • Attracting new customers
  • Tracking customer shopping trends
  • Improving sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Improving customer service

You can find more information about these and other customers on our knowledge center.  If you have stories about Informatica helping to drive operational excellence across your company, I’d be interested to hear from you.

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