Cloud Presentation Stuns Conference

Last month I posted an article about cloud computing and cloud integration (see Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds for the full article) and encouraged readers to come to the Architecture and Integration Summit to see Informatica, salesforce.com and Amazon.com tell the story and see a demo. Those that came were not disappointed – the keynote presentation by Sanjay Krishnamurthy, Jeff Barr and Peter Coffee was electrifying!

Most of the people at the conference were somewhat familiar with cloud computing or SaaS/PaaS (Software as a Service or Platform as a Service), but what they heard shocked them.  We received a ton of feedback from attendees that this presentation made a big impact and challenged their fundamental beliefs around the old paradigm of purchasing hardware and licensing software.

The reason the keynote was so compelling was due to the combination of three dynamic speakers from three different companies delivering a consistent story and showing example after example of how this new paradigm is being leveraged.  For example:

  • During the presidential primaries, Hillary Clinton released 17,481 pages of images about her public record which would normally have taken several weeks to make it fully searchable. Instead, the Washington Post launched 200 parallel OCR jobs in Amazon’s EC2 platform and had the entire volume converted to searchable text in 9 hours.  The total cost for using Amazon’s platform?  $300!
  • A company, Animoto.com, had launched a new video sharing service on the web and was running along smoothly with about 50 servers of capacity. All of a sudden, adoption of their service skyrocketed which caused the volume of transactions to increase by several orders of magnitude in just three days.  The PaaS infrastructure handled it smoothly and scaled up from 50 servers to 3,500 servers without missing a beat!

It was stories like these, plus a live demo that showed how data could be migrated from Salesforce.com to a repository in Amazon using Informatica On-Demand that drove home the point to the audience.  The live demo showed how easy it is to develop, deploy and integrate applications on the web and the only software that is needed is a browser.

The term paradigm shift is so overused that a typical reaction when someone hears it is to roll their eyes.  But cloud computing and cloud integration is a paradigm shift and the masterful talk by Sanjay, Peter and Jeff allowed the attendees to truly internalize the changes that are coming at all of us fast.

The full presentation from all three companies is available from the Integration Consortium:
Combined Cloud Computing and Integration Keynote Slides (PDF)

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