Informatica and Data Synapse – scaling and sharing PowerCenter in the broader IT ecosystem

One of our ISV Partners, Data Synapse, provides a solution for managing infrastructure more efficiently through virtualization and dynamic provisioning.  In today’s cost-cutting/cost savings economy, their approach makes a lot of sense to get the most of our existing resources.  We’ve jointly developed a solution that allows for co-existence of Informatica PowerCenter and other applications to ensure best use of hardware assets and dynamic “capacity scaling”.

This may seem complicated, but in reality, it’s a great marriage between two solutions that are a natural fit together.  Many organizations leverage data integration as a night time function and BI during the day.  By sharing the same pool of hardware infrastructure, organizations can ensure optimal usage of their resources.

For more information on this concept and how the joint solution works, see an upcoming webinar next week
DataSynapse and Informatica Host Webinar On Reducing Infrastructure Costs for Data Integration
– Wednesday, October 15 at 11 a.m. EDT

It’s a movement that has momentum and can provide organizations a huge cost savings.

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