Informatica: Data Integration Olympics, and being followed …

It’s been an interesting week over at Informatica.  The airwaves have been buzzing with comment.  A blog posting appeared from Vincent McBurney looking in detail at our success and customer growth – it sometimes amazes me where all this information comes from.  I loved the title – “Data Integration Olympics: Informatica versus IBM, SAP, Microsoft and Oracle“.  Take a read – it’s very insightful.

Then we were named as a Market Leader in the 2008 CRM Awards for Data Quality.  Meanwhile over at the TDWI conference a good colleague of mine, John Haddad, recorded a podcast with Claudia Imhoff where he spoke on data latency issues, including the need to deliver data in real time so organizations can operate at the “speed of business.”  You might like to check it out here.

I was also delighted to see an article appear in InternetNews talking about “IBM catching up with Informatica“.  Welcome to the party!  Since the close of our acquisition of Identity Systems three months ago, we’ve heard first-hand from many customers how much they value Informatica’s ability to provide them with a single view of their customers, and in particular the ability to do cross-language matching.

If you only have time for one sentence, here’s one of my favorites … “Right now, IBM is playing catch-up to Informatica (NASDAQ: INFA) in a rapidly growing market.”

You might like to check out our demo showing how we have already completed the integration between our data quality solutions and Identity resolution.  It’s a neat demo showing “making the complex simple, and the impossible possible”.

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2 Responses to Informatica: Data Integration Olympics, and being followed …

  1. What a turn around, my last comment left on Informatica blogs was deleted making me think I was persona non grata here! Thanks for linking to my post on Informatica. I think your other linked article on “IBM catching up with Informatica” has it backwards, Informatica is still catching up to IBM on data quality, global name recognition and entity analytics. Not as much matching, not as much international language and address support, not as well integrated into the ETL tool. But Informatica started down the data quality path many years after IBM-Ascential and are doing a good job of catching up.

  2. No persona non-grata’s here! I agree that historically we focused on data quality as a core discipline later than IBM, but as you say – we’re moving fast. That’s one of the advantages of being a company that’s purely focused on data integration! Please check out our latest release (8.6) as a case in point – we don’t just talk about “integrated data quality”, we talk about a unified platform that does data access, profiling, quality, metadata management, cross enterprise data exchange and transformation in addition to data integration or ETL. The power of the platform gives our customers the ability to do all these things together or individually – depending upon their required use case. I would humbly suggest that we have overtaken IBM in providing this unified platform and with cross-language matching (versus matching within a language for many different languages) we have set the bar even higher.

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