Is Informatica Getting Into the Master Data Management Business?

That question has been raised several times in recent weeks by various analysts and journalists. First, Informatica acquired Identity Systems, which provides the core matching technology used by several Master Data Management (MDM) solutions. At that point, Rob Karel of Forrester speculated on what our next step would be in MDM. Then, partnerships with Initiate and Siperian were announced a few weeks ago during our Informatica World user conference. This posting by Loraine Lawson comments on those announcements and whether Informatica is getting into the MDM space.

So-are we getting into MDM? The simple answer is Informatica is already in MDM-we have been helping customers for years to create a meaningful, trusted and valuable system of master records. Informatica provides the critical data integration and data quality underpinnings for MDM. Customers use Informatica to get data out of other systems and loaded into their master data solution, to make sure that the data is clean and stays clean, and to get the master data back out to consuming applications. And, of course, several MDM solution providers embed Informatica identity resolution technology for matching master records.

So yes, we are in the MDM space. But we don’t provide the MDM application or solution itself. We support whatever MDM application the customer chooses-be that a packaged or homegrown solution. That’s why we partner with MDM vendors including Initiate, Siperian, Orchestra Networks, Oracle and D&B (Purisma) – to make sure our solutions work well together for customers.

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