Financial Services at Informatica World 2015

Informatica World 2015

Yes boys and girls, it’s that time again. Counting down to sunny casino soaked days in Las Vegas for Informatica World 2015. Exciting stuff to be sure. Every year we get re-energized and excited about all the great things that can be done with data. How can you take your enterprise and truly each and every waking minute to the next level in working with data?

And financial services topics are no exception. It’s been an exciting year of new innovations and new initiatives in financial services. Everything from data governance excellence, regulatory reporting to a better understanding of account and policyholders and all of the analytics in between. Very exciting. So let’s run down a few of the highlights of things you can see this year from financial services at Informatica World 2015. We look forward to seeing you there…

I won’t even mention the great general sessions and education that are taking place throughout the event. Needless to say those will be, as my five year old says, epic. And for anyone really wanting to dive deep into Big Data, make sure to join the hours of fun on Tuesday for the Big Data Ready Summit.

Make sure to kick off your conference the right way with a private breakfast for financial services on Tuesday featuring an eye opening “Good Morning Informatica” style talk show.

For those interested in maximizing your Informatica platform investment in Big Data, make sure to catch the panel with BB&T, Transamerica and others on May 13. More excited about innovations in data integration, catch the innovation in data insight from USBank also on May 13. Things get even juicier as MasterCard discusses the use of data hubs for better analytics earlier that same morning.

Now for you fans of Data Governance, we didn’t forget you. With such an important area of emphasis for financial services, we have the leaders of the EDM Council discussing data governance frameworks and industry best practices on May 14. We also have Fidelity Investments drilling into metadata management as part of their governance innovation on May 13. And who could forget GE Capital ANZ talking to us about operational efficiencies in compliance programs that same afternoon.

We can’t leave out Cloud integration, with State Street discussion their experiences in Cloud and a Total Customer Relationship on May 13. JPMorgan Chase talks about data security in development on May 13, we all know that’s a hot topic in financial services these days.

And so many other great sessions in financial services and beyond, including the several hours of Meet the Experts sessions where you can speak in a more intimate setting about your needs on specific topics like banking and insurance. Check out the session grid for more information.

If you are attending Informatica World 2015, and we certainly hope you are, make sure to talk to your account contact about setting up an Executive Briefing. There you can spend that dedicated time with product and industry experts to focus on your needs.

Safe travels; good luck and we’ll see you in Las Vegas!!!