Choosing a Data Integration Solution? The 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools is a Go-To Source!

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How To Get More Bang for Your Data Integration Buck? Agility is Key

We all want to stretch our dollar as far as it will go.  If you work in IT today, this should particularly resonate.  The mantra we hear every time?  “Do more with less!”  So how do you support ever-increasing data complexity and volume? Fend urgent demands for quality data from business counterparts?  All this while... more

Informatica Cloud Extends New Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with Industry Leading Cloud Integration — Connecting Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers with Clients Like Never Before

Connecting Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers with Clients Like Never Before Today, Informatica Cloud marked an important milestone in our relationship with Salesforce. We are happy to announce our participation in the launch of Salesforce’s first industry specific application, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. So what is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud? It’s a cloud app built... more

CFOs: How to be Strategic and Tactical at the Same Time?

Much has been written over the last several years about the need for CFOs to be more strategic. This clearly has become a trend amongst leading edge CFOs. One area, however, that crosses both the strategic and controller sides of the CFO’s brain is IT application rationalization and consolidation. I am personally seeing more and... more

New Paradigm in the Digital Workplace – Data changes from Ownership to Access

Data changes from ownership to access, this is a new paradigm is happening in the digital workplace. Last years with the growth of omnichannel, the growing devices along the customer journey I talked a lot about the information overload for customers. Studies have shown that your typical social media user consumes 285 pieces of content daily, which... more

Transforming Shoppers to Buyers using Product Information

Transforming Shoppers to Buyers using Product Information Today’s shopper has more ways to learn about available products than ever before. As a result, buyers have become smarter, which creates new challenges for sellers. However, for the smart seller, the change can also create opportunities. To identify these opportunities, let us examine what a typical shopper... more

Beware of Data Anarchists, because Nobody ETLs Like its 1999 in a Data Democracy

A growing group of self-proclaimed data anarchists are making headlines by claiming “Let IT tremble at a data revolution. Analysts have nothing to lose but their chains!”  With efficient and scalable data platforms like Hadoop emerging, data anarchists are claiming “Down with ETL and long, complex, siloed data integration processes!”  The call for revolution seems... more