Informatica World 2016 – 3,000 Data Devotees Taking San Francisco by Storm

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New TDWI Research Delves into Data Integration and the Power of a Platform

A new report from TDWI Research is essential reading for anybody responsible for the future of their company’s data management strategy and/or architecture. In “Modernizing Data Integration to Accommodate New Big Data and New Business Requirements Integration,” TDWI Director for Data Management Philip Russom details a seven-item checklist for modernizing data integration that will really... more

Transforming Informatica Automation: The Case for a Unified Workload Automation Solution

This is a guest post, by Frank Melchiorre.   Handling the flow of growing amounts of messy data from multiple sources throughout the enterprise is a complex process. Whether moving transactional data so that it can be reported upon, migrating application data from old systems to new ones, or integrating data from external suppliers or partners,... more

Slam-dunk, Quick Wins at Informatica World 2016 with Data as a Service

When you attend an event, do you ever return back to your office to find your boss waiting to know what you learned? How did you spend the department’s budget? Did you learn something of value at the event that will make the department better? I know, for me, it’s important that wherever I’m at... more

Digital Disruption: Now Coming to the Life Science Industry

No industry is exempt from the market impact of digital disruption.  Analyst firms are starting to see business risk for existing Life Science vendors. They see nimble, non-traditional, data centric companies disrupting existing market participants. An example of a data-centric disruptor is McLaren Technology Group. McLaren describes itself as a high-technology company, and is best... more

Introducing Informatica Cloud Summer 2016: The Most Complete Cloud Integration Solution for the Hybrid Era

I can’t believe that we’ve reached the half way point of 2016 already, the time has gone by quickly for our Cloud business. We have already had some notable achievements to-date, such as Gartner’s recent report announcing Informatica Cloud as the #1 global Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution provider based on 2015 market... more

“Adaptive” Integrated Operations Planning

I ran into an article a few weeks ago proclaiming that IOPS is dead. Another one from HBR attests to the strengths and pitfalls of planning. Vendors from SAP, Oracle, 02Solutions, Anaplan would tell you it has not met its demise. Pundits having suffered through a bad implementation will tell you it is a career... more

7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss the MDM 360 Summit in San Francisco

Where will you be on Tuesday, May 25th? Hopefully you’ll be with me at the MDM 360 Summit at Informatica World 2016 in San Francisco. The event attracts those who believe Data Powers Business. Here are 7 reasons why you should RSVP  for the MDM 360 Summit if you haven’t already. 1. Ask Questions at the Customer Data Strategies Panel with Disney, Hyatt, Renault & Cognizant... more