Reflections on our First 100 Days as a Private Company

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There are No Shortcuts in the Journey to Data-Driven Nirvana

It’s relatively easy and painless for corporate leadership to simply decree from on high that the company shall be “data-driven” from this point forward. However, bringing the organization and workforce around to data-driven thinking is a tough nut nobody has fully cracked yet. Organizations that are ahead of the curve with data analytics efforts –... more

Mining the Missing Link in Data Analytics: Human Behavior

The data-driven enterprise is on the rise, and there are highly sophisticated tools and technologies available to make things happen. But there’s still a big question mark around one of the most vital components of the data-driven world: human behavior. It’s unpredictable, quirky, subject to various motivations and un-motivators. The question is, can enterprise executives... more

Data Capabilities for Customer Centricity

The Need for Customer Centricity The challenges of moving from a policy to a customer orientation are well known in the Insurance world but this movement is now a strategic driver for much of the Financial Services industry. Customers now expect financial services providers to orient their business operations around them; and not the products... more

Big Data in Automotive Accelerates from 0-60 in 3 seconds with Big Data Management

In preparing for a Big Data presentation to one of the top 3 global automotive manufacturers I discovered many interesting benefits that Big Data can provide through connected vehicle and IoT programs.  By collecting and analyzing big data from sensors, machines, databases, and social media, automakers can increase customer loyalty, improve predictive maintenance, reduce warranty... more

Progressive Customers Go For Diverse MDM Architectural Styles

I wonder how many of us ever thought about the challenges customer face around the architectural flexibility offered by a product. Redesigning the complete architecture of the project because of the product’s incompetency to accommodate different architectural styles is not less than a life changing event. It completely ruins all the hard work the team would... more

Transforming How the Merchandiser Works with the New Paradigm in Digital Workplace

As a merchandiser, I care about the revenue and the margin of my products. Which are the right products and how do I sell more products, more quickly?   I recently met with the VPs of Merchandising from two large retail brands. I interviewed them about the day-to-day challenges their teams face. Specifically, I asked... more