Data is the New Control Point

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6 Trends That Will Move the Needle on Analytics

How Will Your Data Management Architecture Cope? If you’re curious about the analytics trends that will most likely to impact enterprise IT in 2016, Information Management’s take is a smart read. There are six trends in total, ranging from data security to Internet of Things, and data science—each of them presents powerful challenges to your... more

What Is Data Security Intelligence?

Data Security Intelligence (DSI) provides highly automated technology solution for the collection and correlation of information about sensitive data, continuous risk monitoring risk , analytics to identify high risk areas, threat detection, and delivery of highly actionable insights to prioritize remediation actions.  DSI goes beyond traditional analytics by incorporating advanced methods such as machine learning... more

Immersive Customer Experiences: Consumer VR is Here!

How about Base jumping in Norway, standing on stage during a Broadway show or flying business class at 30,000 feet before finishing breakfast? You might think that I’m crazy, but engaging customer experiences are here. As a matter of fact, I managed to experience all of those aforementioned events from the comfort of my home, just... more

Improved Tools for the Data-Driven Salesforce User: Informatica for Salesforce Wave Analytics

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, then you won’t be surprised to discover that Informatica has a “penchant” for data that powers cloud analytics.  You know that our very existence and cultural DNA strive to deliver the very best teaching, tools and techniques to make your analysis workflow more accurate... more