Data in the World of Cloud

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Time to ‘Expose’ Your Privacy

In a recent Twitter Chat with CIOs and privacy thought leaders, privacy by design took center stage.  While some leaders guide their organizations to have privacy from the start, privacy suffers as an afterthought in many organizations.  Privacy is a growing concern in the era of Big Data; in January of 2016 the Pew Research... more

Who is Accountable for a Breach to Your Data Integration Environment?

Enterprise Data usage has never been higher than it is today; and data usage is continuing to grow as Data fueled applications are the norm. The variety of sources, the volume, the transformations and prolific use of Data makes Data-Integration a critical ‘hub’ of enterprise data that enables critical business processes. In this Golden Age... more

Realizing a Seamless End-to-end Information Supply Chain

According to Accenture, 76% of supply chain executives are not satisfied with their overall supply chain performance. And about three out of every four executives think their supply chain and sales & marketing functions are misaligned when it comes to responding to market needs.* Lack of Supply Chain Visibility and Ineffective Collaboration A lack of... more

Empowering Partners with Enablement

It seems every day we hear more and more stories about how businesses are facing the challenge of transformation.  The same can be said about partner enablement.  As partners evolve their business models to support cloud and subscription revenue, they also expect technology vendors to evolve their enablement offerings to address line-of-business decision makers and... more

Metadata Management is the Foundation of Data Intelligence Applications that Power Business

When it comes to addressing mission-critical business problems, comprehensive metadata management is a critical capability for any enterprise information management strategy. In the Gartner report “Market Guide for Metadata Management Solutions”, Gartner’s clients stated they want metadata management capabilities in order to address five major use cases: Data Governance, BI & Analytics, MDM, SOA, and... more