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Start your Saturday with a Glass of Champagne – Transform into a Digital Organization

Who of you enjoy a glass of champagne to start a nice Saturday shopping tour? With this question Michael Stolte started his presentation at Informatica World Tour last week. And there was silence in the audience. Nobody was brave or honest enough to raise the hand. I raised my hand, but also felt a bit... more

Bring Us Your BIGGEST Big Data Challenges

I was thrilled with Informatica’s $1 Million Dollar Big Data Ready Challenge announcement this week. It got me thinking about Howard Baldwin – Forbes community editor for Data Driven Business – recent articles. Our contest will challenge Big Data experts to think about these high points and encourage them to push the boundaries on what... more

Focusing Solely on PIM is Short Sighted Thinking – If Your Customer is at Your Heart

Elektra: I could have given you the world. Bond: The world is not enough. How does James Bond fit into the world of data? Focusing Solely on product information is short sighted thinking, if your customer is at your heart. Have you read my blog: The New Age of Relationships? If you haven’t, I highly encourage... more

Big Data Visualization: Even Pictures Have Their Limits

A recent newspaper article suggests that text-based emails are “short-circuiting” our cognitive processes, and that pictures are more effective at communicating information. The article cited a study released by Esri UK, which suggests many people are experiencing data overload as a result of the avalanche of emails and social media in their daily lives. In... more

Illusion Series – Episode I: Everything will be OK

A consultant, a data architect and a call center manager walk into a bar in some Asian metropolis (figuratively speaking). The data architect says, “Can you help me figure out how to convince the business to invest in upgrading our data management environment?” The consultant says, “Sure, let me chat with your call center manager... more