Get Ready To Become a “Data Ready Enterprise”

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The Easy Way to Marketing Technology Magic – and Better Data Quality

It sounds like the turning point in a dramatic movie or book: With no time, money, or resources, you’re being asked to be the hero. If you’re a marketer, this may describe you. There’s one obvious way that marketers can reduce this stress and get back some of their valuable time, budget, and resources: Marketing... more

Ask Questions: An Intern’s Guide to Success

I pulled down on the handle, but it wouldn’t budge. I was locked out. My housemate was out of town for Memorial Day Weekend, and I was barefoot, keyless, walletless, and phoneless. Armed only with A Clash of Kings, I was stranded in the back yard on my first day in Redwood City. My first... more

Machine Learning: Why Should You Care?

Machine learning has specific advantages when dealing with large sets of data, especially big data. Finding reliable solutions in a speedy manner matter more in real-life scenarios, not always finding the perfect solution. Algorithms leveraging the machine learning techniques can enable such discovery and help organizations take advantage of disruptive trends ahead of others.

Are Your Ready for the “Data Tsunami” from the Affordable Care Act Ruling?

The recent Supreme Court 6-3 ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allows health insurance consumers to receive federal subsidies regardless of their state’s role in running their insurance market makes healthcare insurance coverage. I personally believe regardless of political affiliation, having health insurance coverage for all this is a good thing for our society.... more

A Quick Win for Marketers on the Road to Achieving a Total Customer Relationship

Data-driven marketers recognize that great customer experiences start with a view across the total customer relationship. They are pushing their organizations towards data-driven strategies, and starting to see results.  They understand that achieving a total customer relationship goes way beyond implementing CRM.  They are advocates for pulling together fragmented customer data from across system silos... more

Why ‘Usefulness’ of Big Data Triumphs Over Availability?

Treat Big Data as Scarce Resource Discipline of analytics is really about telling a story through the data – stitching together pieces of data from different sources, uncovering patterns – both obvious and hidden ones, and narrating a story in a way that’s easy to understand.  The journey of analytics has evolved in to the... more

Data: A New Line Item on Balance Sheet?

Is that a preposterous notion?  May be, not entirely…let’s consider this situation.  Consider your organization or may be one of your customer’s.  If you could, for argument’s sake, withhold the password of every single individual of that organization for just one hour, what would be the dollar equivalent of business lost – in new business,... more

Gamification + Data = Better Solutions

I recently saw a great story in the WSJ on the use of data and gamification to help families learn better financial planning and overall reduce poverty. This was a great example of the real world impact of using data to influence and direct behavior. Too often we see companies and governments focus on just... more